SBS Sick Building Syndrome


Some buildings provide a modern conveniences. However, a lot of people here to spend a day later, often feel exhausted irritability and drowsiness, headaches, dry throat, coughing, tears. Of this phenomenon, the scientists found, leading to the real reason why does not apply, not because of poor health or suffering from the disease, but some unreasonable design decoration high-rise buildings because of itself cause a variety of adverse effects on the human body. Scientists call this endangers people's health of the building as "sick buildings"; for the above listed symptoms, known as the "sick building syndrome". According to the survey, "sick building" in Europe, America, Australia and other developed countries is most common, United States about half of the high-rise building is building.
So what what about turning buildings into a building? In General, there are several reasons:

First, the building of high-rise building, contains hazardous dust in the air. This is because smoking or the use of fuels such as natural gas, coal gas, not only will release carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and trace chemical element, but also gives the density of particles. In addition, cleaning agents, detergents, paints and adhesives, can also continue to release many kinds of organic chemicals. People stay inside for a long time due to tall buildings, coupled with poor ventilation, it will air "thickening". The chemicals in the air, with the dust floating in the room, can make a person allergic reactions, respiratory infections, and other chronic diseases.

Secondly, the magnetic weakening. The Earth of human life, is a huge magnetic field, people being affected by the Earth's magnetic field. Appropriate magnetic field beneficial to human health. If people working in a high-rise building for a long time, so that the protective effect of the Earth's magnetic field weakening, causing discomfort and symptoms, such as headache, insomnia, sometimes accompanied by dizziness, joint pain and other symptoms. This type of headache, insomnia due to magnetic deficiency when using magnetic pillow, artificial magnetic field magnetic beds added after regulation, often to receive satisfactory results.

Building Syndrome Syndrome Atlas of the third the building, the building has a lot of mechanical and electrical equipment and appliances, such as microwave, RF therapy machines, microwave ovens, fluorescent lights, computers, and so on. They are sent up into space, electromagnetic waves of different frequencies in different energy, because of the role of the concrete slab of the building, waves like a ghost, swinging on the building, which will affect current and magnetic waves of electromagnetic waves, resulting in irregular and nervous breakdown.

Finally, modern building with a variety of new materials and Interior vinyl flooring, wallpaper, furniture, paints and other decorative items, often with varying degrees of toxic components, such as PVC, lead, asbestos, formaldehyde, phenol, etc. These substances can be absorbed through human respiratory tract and skin, into the blood circulatory system, affect the body's immune system, causing the disease.

Therefore, immediately after the completion of the new building should not be moved into the Office or residence, should pay attention to the use of natural ventilation, foul inside the building of toxic gas emissions, keep indoor air fresh and clean. People who stay inside for a long time, you should schedule time to outdoor exercise.


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