Viral infections generally symptoms of fever, headache, cough and other systemic poisoning symptoms and viral host and invasion of tissues and organs caused by inflammation of the local symptoms (diarrhea, rash, liver dysfunction, etc.). According to the different symptoms of the virus, some viruses can also cause myocardial damage, causing viral myocarditis.

There are two types of viral infections, most of which are recessive infections (subclinical infections) and a handful of overt infections. Dominant infection can be divided into acute

Coronavirus virus
Coronavirus virus
Infection and persistent infections type two:
Acute infection-onset of urgency, rapid progress, the course of the general number of days to weeks. In addition to a handful of deaths and sequelae in acute periods, most cases are eventually healed by the removal of the virus in tissues.

Persistent infection-the virus has long existed in the main body, can reach several months to several years, resulting in chronic persistent infection, can be divided into the following 3 types: ① latent infection. When the virus and human immunity in relative equilibrium state, the virus can be latent long-term in human tissues, do not cause symptoms. Once the immune power of the body decreases, the virus can reproduce and cause symptoms. For example, herpes simplex virus, EB virus and varicella-zoster virus caused the latent infections. ② chronic infection. The virus has long existed in human tissues and organs, causing chronic persistent lesions, such as hepatitis B virus caused by chronic hepatitis B. ③ slow viral infections. The incubation period is long, up to several years, the lesion develops gradually, and finally leads to death.


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