Nervous breakdown


Neurasthenia is refers to the brain due to a long period of tension and stress, resulting in weakening of mental activity, its main characteristic is the excitable spirit and mental fatigue, sleep disturbances, memory loss, headaches, accompanied by a variety of physical symptoms such as discomfort, duration, delay, and light weight, volatility often associated with socio-psychological factors of the disease. Clinical trials show that negative air ions through the promotion of monoamine oxidase (MAO), the oxidative deamination, 5-HT within the brain and tissues (5-HT) levels caused significant physiological changes of endocrine and nervous system, autonomic senior hub, and the autonomic nervous system has a good effect. In order to effectively improve the functions of the cerebral cortex, brace up, reduce fatigue, improve efficiency, increase appetite, improve sleep, neurasthenia effectively. Also called negative oxygen ions air refers to get excess electrons negatively charged oxygen ions.
 It is a combination of free electrons of oxygen molecules in the air to form. Natural discharge (lightning), photoelectric effect, fountains, waterfalls are ionizing the surrounding air, forming a negative oxygen ions. Of negative oxygen ions in the medical profession "Vita oxygen", "air vitamin", "long grain", "air vitamin" name. Medical research shows that ecological negative ion generation chip technology and nazifule vinyl anion release technology to build ecosystem-level small size ion, the negative ions are more easily into the organisms play a role, so that more effective for the treatment of neurasthenia.


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